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Bitch Boi Slapped

C Wad Drunk
Posted on May 01 2019 at 3:36 PM
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What’s all this fuss about some Aussie pussy boy taking a couple hard lefts from a real man Senator? That’s what happens when you try to make an omelet on a stud’s skull. Too bad the kid’s Mama didn’t have her egg sucked right out of her kangaroo cunt when she was preggers with the little putz like the liberal baby killers pray for in their demon scrums.

And he has the stupidity to say these rowdy haji refugees aren’t terrorists? I wish he’d been on a Netherlands tram this morning, or at a Manchester concert, a Nice boardwalk, a Nigerian church, etc etc. He would have fit right in the Pulse nightclub rubbing his pork sausage against his Grinder date when that den of sin was shot up by a different kind of Mo.

In fact, the Christchurch shooting was Chelsea Clinton’s fault, as that group of finger snapping brown student hoes so truthfully said. Because it was her mama and papa who opened the floodgates for these death cult devotees to swarm our lands with their devious doctrines based on the babbling of a pedophile prophet. Last time I looked, dozens of countries worship the warped words of that medieval deviant. Perhaps it’s time they return to where they belong or we’ll see more Muzzies in front of the muzzle of the next homegrown MK Ultra Crusader.