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Bill O'Reilly, War Hero

Anna Coldbottom
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:53 AM
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Bill O'Reilly is a God. We all know that. He ducked bullets in Argentina, the Balkans and the Falklands or someplace. He probably can't really talk about it beause he's connected with the government. He fully supports the armed forces, and he looks really tough, too. He talks tough, and that is so important to keep the enemies of America at bay. If Bill O'Reilly wasn't there to call Mother Jones and NY Times writers liars for questioning his impeccable war record as a fighting correspondent, then they could just continue to say whatever they want and continue to find old footage that seems to contradict Bill's claims to having been in a live war zone like Brian Williams was. With Bill, what you see is what you get. Those liberal publications do not have writers as American as Bill O'Reilly who, I'm sure, probably killed a bunch of communists while he was "over there" and can't even talk about it because he's not the kind of guy to brag about his accomplishments. That's our Bill, very understated, proud but in a dignified, quiet way, never tooting his own horn.

God bless Bill O'Reilly and the USA. I can't even look at his strong, proud Irish face without hearing Lee Greenwood's teary-eyed version of 'God Bless America.' Oh, Bill, you are so tough. I swoon with my loofa when I dream of you in the shower. Phone sex me up anytime and keep up the great work!