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Beggars threat to Masters

Anna Coldbottom
Posted on Apr 11 2018 at 8:55 AM
Latest Articles | Anna Coldbottom

I'm worried that The Masters Championship in Augusta, Georgia, could be tainted this week by some low-rent behavior on the part of Augusta residents. On March 23, the owner of a foreclosed grocery story ordered that the food remaining inside be trashed instead of given to people who lined up for it outside. (See the full story.) It is just shameful that those people lined up to beg for that food while it was being trashed! Don't they have any class at all? Don't they have any self respect? I sincerely hope this incident doesn't affect ticket receipts or advertising revenue at The Masters Championship, the first major event of the year on the PGA tour and usually a great showcase for GE, GM, Bayer, Shell Oil and a host of other corporations who depend on the  tournament to get their good names out there.

People who lined up by the hundreds for the food had to be restrained by police as they watched the food being thrown into dumpsters for its trip to the local landfill. That is just gross. Why didn't they just go to their local McDonald's or something if they wanted to eat so bad? I hate waiting in line for anything. Those people should show some class and go to a nice restaurant instead of trying to get a handout just because it's free.

If you give people something without making them work for it, you will only ingrain bad habits and make them lazier than they already are. Ideas are what count, like the idea of Democracy in Iraq. Like the idea of freedom is really important. Like you can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs, you can't make a citizen without teaching a few tough lessons about life.



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