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Babs' Death elevates the C Woman

Hardy Bohner
Posted on Apr 19 2018 at 11:02 AM
Latest Articles | Hardy Bohner

Satanic insiders report that Babs descent into the innermost circle of hell she sought moves Hillary into the former Bush matriarch's queen position at the head of the council. She will sit at the right hand of Nathan Rothschild.  The C woman offers similar sulphuric eruptions of inspired hatred toward all things human and decent, but her far younger relative age means the Lucifer-inspired rape and killing machine will be able to operate on a much more efficient level. 

While old Babs occasionally slowed the machine down to teach a few kids to read, or at least to pretend to be performing philanthropic work for ostensibly beneficent reasons, Hillary will be able to move on unencumbered by the need to keep up appearances. 

Where Babs was able to run interference for her husband George – whose predeliction for pedophilia and satanic mind-control torture sometimes threatened to topple all the hard work of his father Prescott in financing the Nazis, who in reality won the war by moving their most brilliant demonic minds into our intelligence, military, and space programs – Hillary was, by contrast, unable to perform the same task for her rapist husband. 

Now, with the cat out of the bag, as they say in Illuminati circles, as even discerning democrats know that the C woman is at least as corrupt and morally bankrupt as her husband, she will no longer need to put up any pretense of human decency.  That will leave her free to work behind the scenes, so we should see a lot more rape and murder in the near future. 

Who can stop the C woman now that she has no government post to pretend to use for civic duty?  It's a glorious future to contemplate for the most efficient and evil people the world has ever seen, with the possible exception of Vlad the Impaler, who, if you're keeping score at home, turns out to be a progenitor of the Bush family. 

Though I've strayed from the Catholic church, renouncing the priesthood in order to pursue carnal relations with human women, the death of Babs and the ascencion of the C woman to the thrown is driving me back toward the church once more.  She is so well connected with the military-murder complex which has taken over our government that it gives me great pause to see this latest development.  It may be only divine intervention which can save us now. 

Pray, my friends.  Pray very hard for your very souls; for I feel our time on this earth, already limited as everyone knows, is fast drawing to a precarious close for all mankind.  There's no other way to see this latest news, especially given our fearless leader's capitulation to the war makers.  It's Syria today, but it's all of our neighborhoods next.  The NWO can only bomb and murder people for so long in Arab countries and other places, before they begin turning the machine upon America itself.  Our turn is coming.  As the good book tells us, "Every penny must be paid."