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Asshole of the Year: Tom Coburn

Jack O'Mahoff
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:53 AM
Latest Articles | Jack O'Mahoff

We admit that some of our stuff at may be slightly tongue-in-cheek (or foot-in-mouth, tongue-in-twat, or what have you). The news, let's face it, is pretty depressing every day; to lighten the load, sometimes we like to tell some stretchers, as Mark Twain would say. We stretch and massage and sort of catapult the propaganda on the internets, as Bush junior would say. However, with our brand spanking new "Asshole of the Year" Award, we are making an exception. Sometimes there's an act so egregiously offensive, so hypocritical and completely abhorrent, that there's nothing for it but to tell the truth.

Hence our first asshole of the year award. It goes hands down to  outgoing Republican Senator Tom Coburn, who singlehandedly sentenced an untold number of our military veterans to suicide. Every day, 22 military veterans kill themselves. A bill had been introduced for a paltry $22 million to help such veterans, a bill that would have unquestionably stemmed the bloodtide of military suides. One man stood in the way, one cut-rate clown named Tom Coburn (R-OK) put that bill to death with a filibuster. Here's the story from OpEd News.