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American Sniper is Brilliant

Anna Coldbottom
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:42 AM
Latest Articles | Anna Coldbottom

Like Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, O'Mahoff misses the whole point with his 'American Diaper' review of 'American Sniper.'  There is no question that Clint Eastwood is a genius with a marvelous sense of humor. Everybody knows that. He's from San Francisco, and his "American Sniper" reminds me of Hunter Thompson's 1965 Rolling Stone story on the Haight Ashbury district. Busloads of tourists were driven through the Haight to gawk at the dirty hippies like they were feces-throwing monkeys in a zoo. The hippies didn't appreciate this attention. They began raising large mirrors and running alongside the buses with them, showing the tourists who the real monkeys were.

That was brilliant modern Performance Art, just like Clint's masterpiece "American Sniper."  Taibbi write that the movie was almost too dumb to criticize, but Eastwood is only pretending to serve America what it wants. He is really making fun of the country's revenge fantasies, I think. But wait a minute. When I think about it: I stood and cheered with everyone else when Kyle's character shot the Arab sniper. I guess Clint sort of got me good, too; but there's nothing wrong with being taken by a movie God. You can take me anytime, Clint, you hunky hunk! Thumbs up, way up for your lovely little film. You might be older now, but you obviously still got it. You're a funny, funny man and I love you!