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Akin Refuses to Abort His Run

Morty (Rabbi) Rabinovitzski
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:40 AM
Latest Articles | Morty (Rabbi) Rabinovitzski

Mitt “Pro Choice for Rape Victims” Romney showed his true colors on Tuesday when he called for Rep. Todd Akin (R) to abort his Senate run in November.  Akin, a staunch anti-abortionist, refused the future president’s call for him to step down as the Republican nominee for one of Missouri’s two Senate slots.  Akin would have had to remove his name from the ballot by 5:00 p.m. today or Republicans would not be allowed replace him with a more generically palatable candidate.

Romney was angered when Akin eloquently voiced the Republican Pro Life stance in no uncertain terms – no abortion under any circumstances, be they “legitimate rape,” incest or illegal alien insemination. 

The Republican stance regarding abortion hasn’t changed in 30 years.   Why Romney would be so shocked at Akin’s statement is puzzling.  After all, Romney chose as his running mate Akin’s best friend in the Personhood Movement Rep. Paul Ryan. 

A true conservative is for dismantling Planned Parenthood, for executing murderous abortion doctors and for taxing the poor so that the rich can enjoy more tax breaks.  With his call for Akin to step down, Mitt “Abortion is OK” Romney shows he cannot be trusted.  I call for Romney to step aside as the Republican nominee for president and allow Paul Ryan to head the ticket.  You heard it here first – PAUL RYAN FOR PRESIDENT!