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Akin's Brave Truthiness

Morty Rabinovitzski
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 10:35 AM
Latest Articles | Morty Rabinovitzski

Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.)  is being wrongfully condemned for speaking his mind and for telling the truth. Akin's brave foray into truthiness should find him embraced by the Republican Party as a hero - and that hero's name: Captain Obvious!  

Captain Obvious' latest revelation:  Women lie about being "legitimately raped" so they can get an abortion.  Of course women lie. It is in their genetic make up to lie about everything.  Akin should know because he talks to doctors about these things before he speaks. 

So Houston Republican brings you:


10.  How much those shoes and purse cost. 

9.  Their dress size. 

8. Their age. 

7.  How many men they've shtupped.

6.  Where they were last night. 

5.  The color of their hair. 

4.  Who's the baby daddy. 

3.  They don't just love you because you are rich. 

2.  Size doesn't matter (sorry Daon Lo).

And the number one lie told by women:

1.  The baby was conceived as a result of "legitimate rape."