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A Steaming Yule Log Blog

C. Wadsworth
Posted on Feb 03 2016 at 9:38 AM
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The latest Christmas post by Jack O'Mahoff makes me want to slide down a hard chimney and put some coal (or even better, fracking fluid) in some poor kid's stocking. 21st Century American Christmas is just an excuse for bullshit big box retailers to zero out their balance sheets before the new load of disposable plastic crap hits the shelves in 2015. 

I personally am going Old School this year and avoiding all commercial gifts. So to our dedicated staff, I offer these homemade gifts to brighten their holiday spirits:

ANNA COLDBOTTOM: A plaster mold of Toby Thomas' member, suitable for immediate use.

THE RIGHT REVEREND HARDY BOHNER: Ditto-with a smiley face engraved on the shaft.

DAON LO: Rubber bands, elastic cords and a cock ring made out of a twist tie.

LEAH NICE: A dozen tamales with special sauce and a pair of chocolate Ben Wa balls.

DR MENGELI: A hundred-dollar gift certificate to The Torture club, our new midnight-to-dawn theme night spot inside our restaurant, Underprivileged Belly on Upper Kirby.

May all of our readers have a Holly Jolly Christmas wherever the season takes you. C Wad is on Maui helping the Mother Earth lovers at Monsatan to destroy all free seeds. I now drop everyone a steaming Yule Log of Joy!  God Bless You One and All.