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A Poppy for Poppy

C Wad Drunk
Posted on May 01 2019 at 3:48 PM
Latest Articles | C Wad Drunk

A Poppy for Poppy

C. Wadsworth Longfellow brings the pain

Dec. 1, 2018

We here at mourn the loss of the man who more than any other served as our avatar – George HW “Poppy” Bush. From his beginnings as a son of white privilege and his membership in the most secret of secret societies, Skull and Bones and the CIA, Bush mastered the art of deception better than any WASP who buzzed the 20th century’s major events. Our man was there for them all – Operation Zapata, 1963 Dallas, Watergate, Reagan’s right-hand lap dog (he may have the distinction of being the only man to try to assassinate two Presidents), Iran-Contra / October Surprise, the first Gulf War, and by siring W with Aleister Crowley’s daughter, the 2nd Gulf War – Bush strode like a colossus over almost every dastardly deed post World War 2 America committed.

Satanic Sleight of Hand

With his patrician penchant for preppy prose, his clenched rictus smirk, and his unparalleled ability to gull the masses and to somehow project the image of a decent man within a heart of darkness capable of all his heinous acts, Bush lived a Satanic sleight of hand that transformed the fiery furnaces of hell into a thousand points of light. And I would be remiss in not mentioning how by carrying dirty water for both the old money Eastern Establishment aristocracy and the new money Texas oil plutocracy he set back the cause of economic and social equality decades. To which we can only parade wave and say: Well played, Poppy! 

Good Bye, George

We join in tribute with the crack addicted hordes of LA, with the families of the dead in Panama and Iraq, and with the hundreds of children and women he entertained with his favorite magician David Cop-a-Feel, to wish Bush safe passage across the River Styx to his final resting place at the right hand of the King of the Underworld.