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This web site debunks the Big Lie of Liberal Media. We exist because so many people watch TV and surf the web like moths doing wingovers into tiki torch flames. Fly away, Love.  

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The Rabbi's World

Morty (Rabbi) Rabinovitski   pumps chosen people blood into our already bulging, multi-ethnic-blood-engorged staff. The former rabbi brings the political muscle of the Ubermensch Zionist. With Morty aboard, we can play the anti-Semitic trump card on anyone who disagrees with us. Morty launched his own temple, a forerunner of the Jews for Jesus cult, before he was ex-communicated for marrying a shiksa. His former cult leader status gives him a unique perspective to show all the positive aspects of cult life in the necessary defense of our GOP's cult leader extraordinaire Mitt Romney. Morty believes schvartze have a place in our society but not in the white house. He is anti immigration, pro life and believes the Americans would have won gold in the Olympic shooting competitions if the targets were shaped like Trayvon Martin.

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