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Hardy Bohner World

Hardy Bohner was forced to leave the priesthood after realizing that whenever he came within the sweet musky orbit of an attractive woman, he couldn't keep an erection down in his priest garments.  Hardy's uncompromising, rock hard heterosexuality, with its diamond-cutter-like focus aimed solely at women above the age of consent, marked him as a free radical to the lavendar mafia that controls not only his own former parish, but also the highest offices of the vatican.  His political neutering at the blood-stained hands of that Jesuit-controlled cabal has driven him to Houston, where he is recovering his voice and confidence. We're keeping him on staff and the payroll as a goodwill gesture/sacrifice to the one true God while he looks for other work to help him stretch his talents.

Hardy Bohner Stories

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Something must be sacrificed
Brought under the knife
Sheep, woman, child, or man
For the cloven-hoofed ham
Who sits at the head
Of the Chamber of Commerce.
His reddening members savor best
A feast of children served al dente
The energy of innocence
Tastes like roast duck, smells like victory
Burning with the villagers' heads on pikes,

glowing in a thousand points of light