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This web site debunks the Big Lie of Liberal Media. We exist because so many people watch TV and surf the web like moths doing wingovers into tiki torch flames. Fly away, Love.  

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About Us: Why we Fight

The Republican Party hit its stride with the election of Hollywood actor Ronald Reagan, who announced government was the problem, not the solution, and then proved it. He showed other Republicans how to use the media at least as effectively as Kennedy did. Reagan taught Republicans that style was  substance, and then Lee Atwater taught republicans that people would believe anything if you repeated it enough.

Ronald Reagan started the ongoing process of turning us back where we belong, into a feudal society in which land and business owners oversee the great unwashed. His market-friendly deregulation work eventually set up the endless mergers and acquisitions that enriched folks like our man Mitt in the 80s, and set up the S&L bailout and the ongoing banking meltdown, which continues to move a lot more money out of small towns and businesses and up where it belongs, to those of us at the top of the food chain. So we've started this site as a tribute to Ronald Reagan, because the Republicans seem to have lost their way in recent years with all their carping over "Big Government." The government GREW exponentially with Reagan in office, and notwithstanding that more than 100 of his hand-picked helpers were indicted and/or imprisoned for a messy laundry list of reasons involving pilfered funds, bank fraud, lying to Congress, arms-for-hostages deals, international intrigue and murder, he was the greatest President this country has ever known. Before Reagan, Republicans were foolishly frugal regarding foreign policy spending, and absurdly isolationist. And prior to Reagan, Republicans wasted vast amounts of money at home. Eisenhower squandered billions building the interstate system to prove government could do the great projects it always had (like win WWII), and he wasted a lot more on railroads and bridges and levees and public parks that real Americans, the landowners whose ancestors built this country, don't use anyway. Republicans stumbled again with Nixon, who thought the environment was important and set out to be an environmental President. Reagan got us back on the right track by gutting the EPA and many other America-hating programs.

Ike also foolishly warned us about the unwarranted influence of the military industrial complex, almost giving the whole game away. Ike actually tried to CUT the "defense" budget! Yes, since that time, fortunately, Republicans have become entrenched with "defense" contractors and other international business concerns using our country's vast resources for corporate profit, but their appetites are too small, their vision skewed by daily onslaughts from the liberal media. The "Tea Party" started out with the right idea, but they've been co-opted and compromised by moderates. We're looking for a Hobbesian Leviathan, a Big Daddy to protect us all and tell us all what to do, when to stand, where to vote, whom to hate; and we're not going to get somebody like that from the Tea Party. (Please see Jack Mahoff's: "Texans Don't Need Critical Thinking.")

We also started because we can't always count on a Bush being governor of Florida or a Katharine Harris to help him purge 90,000 or so Black votes. We know Blacks and other minorities tend to vote for the Democrat – notwithstanding the occasional exception that proves the rule, like our official Black person, Toby Thomas – so we need to keep those people from voting as much as possible. The new voter ID laws should effectively cut out at least a million of them. But we can't count on passing laws to keep undesirable voters from the polls, and we can't always count on Diebold or ES & S systems to get the votes right for us. We also can't always count on voting software geniuses who may help us and then not live very long afterwards, like our man Mike Connell – who died in a plane crash on his way to testify about various voting software anomalies. No, we need to take the bull by the horns ourselves — or the donkey (ass) by the tail, in this case — and make things happen. The truth can set you free, and we will bring that truth, or truthiness.